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The Momo gem system is our way of compensating our players. 
Every server maintenance is equivalent to 5 to 10 Momogems in terms of redeeming it using item code. 


  • You can get this items thru compensation code and staff hosted events.
  • Momogem is untradeable but can be placed in Kafra storage.


  • You can exchange Momogem for valuable rewards with NPC Momo (Prontera 147, 125)



Momo Gem Required  Exchange List Amount

 2 Momogem 


12523  Lv 10 Increase Agi Scroll 


1 ea

2 Momogem


  12522 Lv 10 Blessing Scroll 


1 ea

2 Momogem


 12455 Teleport Scroll 


1 ea

50 Momogem


  12261 Miracle Medicine


1 ea

 1000 Momogem 


  7776 Gym Pass


1 ea

2000 Momogem


 19541C Momo's Flower


1 ea
3000 Momogem


 19540 C Momo's Earmuff


1 ea


Please don't forget to recheck your weight, the item that you are buying before exchanging your Momogem to a item. 
We take no responsibility If you receive or have exchanged your items incorrectly.

?Create your account : https://bit.ly/2LvZECS
?Download our client : https://bit.ly/3rYjCpG
?Direct Download our client : https://bit.ly/37wxxLQ
?Create your forum account : http://bit.ly/36JoZAX
?Information & Features : http://bit.ly/3cOpxJM
?Join us on Discord : http://bit.ly/3oUgn0B



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