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[Guide]How to add skins!

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Are you curious on how to add custom skins to make your user interface fancy and interesting? 

This guide will cover the following

  • Guide on how to add skins
  • You will also need a file extractor like Winrar to extract the files.


  • Download this skin pack Click here and extract it to a clean folder
  • Open your Ragnarok Online folder and look for the folder name Skins


  • Open the skin pack that just downloaded 


  • Choose your desired skin by extracting or copying the whole file inside the Skin folder. In here, I extracted and chose skin named "alchemy"


  • After extracting, go login in game then press esc key and go to settings and click the drop down arrow and choose the name of the skin you pick.



  • Now that you have changed your skin I want to congratulate you for following this guide and here is a example of the skin "alchemy"






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