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How to create a guild and manage it

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Creating a guild has always been really easy. 

See the source image

The main ingredient of creating a guild is to have just an Emperium and type /guild "name of your clan" That's it and you are the leader of your own guild and take good care of the guild as guild master cannot be changed or passed. 

Members, Alliances and Rivalries

To invite a member, just click on them with the right mouse button and select the option "invite to guild" just be aware that players who already part of a guild cannot be a part of another. 

In addition, guild alliances is currently disabled in our server to make sure that everyone enjoys the War of Emperium.


Managing members and their titles


To open the guild window just press and hold Alt + G and has a tab that is called Position, and there you can change titles for your guild members. The guild window also has an option to decide which members can recruit or expel. You may also put up to 50% tax of the base experience to your members.


Adding Emblems

24x24 Guild Emblems by NishiePoo on DeviantArt

You can add emblems if you already have one also to your guild window by holding alt + g to open the window. please take note that if you are making your own emblem that it needs to follow the following image format as states below

24x24 pixels Dimension

Saved in 256 colors and must be .bmp format

For transparency, use the pink shade # FF00FF


Guild Skills

Ragnarok Online MSP | News


Well.... What is a guild without a skill? The guild master has a series of special skills only he can use , which are learned as the guild evolves.

Its really important to level up your guild.

autorizacao-oficial.jpg Official Guild Approval (Passive) - Certification as an official guild of the Rune Midgard Kingdom. Members of the guilds are authorized to attack the emperium inside guild territories. Without this skill all attacks on the Emperium will miss

contrato-com-kafra.jpg Contract with Kafra (Passive) - Sign a contract with the Kafra Headquarter in Aldebaran. Through the contract the guild can hire a Kafra Employee for their castle who will provide warps and storage for the guild members

comandar-guardioes.jpg Guardian Research (Passive) - Study the guardian technology. Allows the guild to hire guardians for their territory.

fortalecer-guardioes.jpg Strengthen Guardians (Passive - Increase ATK and Speed. Atq of the guardians of your castle.

expandir-cla.jpg Guild Extension (Passive) - Increase the maximum capacity of guildsmen by +6 per skill level.

Skills that benefit those close to the leader

grande-lideranca.jpg Guild Leadership (Passive) - Gives bonuses inside and outside castles.

ferimentos-de-gloria.jpg Glorious Wounds (Passive) - Grants VIT bonuses inside and outside castles.

coracao-frio.jpg Cold Heart (Passive) - Grants Agi bonuses inside and outside castles.

olhar-apurado.jpg Hawk's Eyes (Passive) - Gives DEX bonuses inside and outside castles.

Abilieties that can only be used inside the GOM castle

chamado-urgente.jpg Emergency Call (Requires 1 SP)- Teleports all members alive and connected to the leader's side.

restauracao.jpg Restore (Requires 1 SP) - Regenerates 90% of HP and SP of all guild members inside an Emperium war castle and all around the leader.

regeneracao.jpg Regeneration (Requires 1 SP) - Increase the natural HP and SP regeneration speed of all guild members inside an Emperium war castle.

Breaking a guild

If things didn't work out with you and your members, you can break your clan. To do this, you must remove all members and then type: /breakguild "name of your guild"




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