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Who are the GMs and how do you identify them?

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Hello Adventurers!


                      We all know that everyone is busy completing your quest, upgrading, or even hanging out with your friends, there are characters who are only present to maintain order of our server and they are known as GMs or Game Masters. They are the one who maintain peace and enforce the rules of Ragnarok Online: Philippines. 

As you may know, they have special powers within the game and know everything what is going on to the server. All GMs have a unique look and they wear a white outfit and when you hover your mouse to them they have a yellow text on their name as sampled below.




GMs will never ask you to hand over items, passwords, so never exchange informations.

If you suspect a player who is trying to impersonate a GM, you can report him to the Administrators, Game Master right away.

GMs have white clothing and you can easily distinguish them from other characters.


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