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  1. Creating a guild has always been really easy. The main ingredient of creating a guild is to have just an Emperium and type /guild "name of your clan" That's it and you are the leader of your own guild and take good care of the guild as guild master cannot be changed or passed. Members, Alliances and Rivalries To invite a member, just click on them with the right mouse button and select the option "invite to guild" just be aware that players who already part of a guild cannot be a part of another. In addition, guild alliances is currently disabled in ou
  2. Our stat calculation is based of to the official server iRO classic setting or you may also use this stat calculator Ragnarok Online Classic Calc (rocalc.com) Knight Str = 1 +8 Agi = 1 +2 Vit = 1 +10 Int = 1 Dex = 1 +6 Luk = 1 +4 Wizard Str = 1 +1 Agi = 1 +8 Vit = 1 +1 Int = 1 +12 Dex = 1 +6 Luk = 1 +2 Hunter Str = 1 +4 Agi = 1 +6 Vit = 1 +2 Int = 1 +4 Dex = 1 +10 Luk = 1 +4 Blacksmith Str = 1 +6 Agi = 1 +2 Vit =
  3. Ragnarok Online in full screen mode doesn't work properly and here is a fix on how to make it properly. If you like to play on false full-screen mode, then follow this guide. Open your Ragnarok Online folder. Find the file dinput.ini and open it as notepad. Find the following and change it to... Change this WindowLock =0 Change it to WindowLock =1 Change the Ragnarok Online window size by changing the following Change this WindowWidth =1366 WindowHeight =768 Change to WindowWidth =1920 WindowHeight =1080 or to your desire
  4. Are you curious on how to add custom skins to make your user interface fancy and interesting? This guide will cover the following Guide on how to add skins You will also need a file extractor like Winrar to extract the files. Steps Download this skin pack Click here and extract it to a clean folder Open your Ragnarok Online folder and look for the folder name Skins Open the skin pack that just downloaded Choose your desired skin by extracting or copying the whole file inside the Skin folder. In here, I extracted and chose skin named "alc
  5. Hello Adventurers! We all know that everyone is busy completing your quest, upgrading, or even hanging out with your friends, there are characters who are only present to maintain order of our server and they are known as GMs or Game Masters. They are the one who maintain peace and enforce the rules of Ragnarok Online: Philippines. As you may know, they have special powers within the game and know everything what is going on to the server. All GMs have a unique look and they wear a white outfit and when you hover your mouse to them they have a yellow text
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